Two Twelve Today – Follow Up Letter 5/13/15

Dear Dream Team,

Great meeting with you all this morning. We had 3 guests and 1 sub!

As is our culture, please reach out to our guests to let them know how much you appreciate their attendance.  Let’s go for 100% on this.  Our guests need to feel this warmth from all of us!  If you can DO IT NOW, that’s best.

Chris Galiffa/Graphic Design – 804-357-2670 –

Tammy Haas/Peak Physique – 804-482-4240 –

Tony Adams/Peak Physique – 804-564-4948 –

Tyler Steward/Stand in for Brett –

Kudos to BRETT for getting a stand in today. That’s the way we need to do it, if we are not going to be present. PLEASE get a substitute when you are not here. Substitutes should be there to represent YOU. You are a valuable member of the group and your attendance is essential. When we have guests coming in and half our group is not here, they miss the opportunity to see us in full force and you miss the opportunity to network with them.

Spectacular Member Spotlight by Skibo! Let’s FOCUS on helping him get a some GOOD INTRODUCTIONS this week.

Thanks to Ben for delivering our Mental Moment (ha, ha!) – let’s buddy up and brush up on our “hand signals” so that we can network with purpose.

If you received a referral, please ACT ON IT TODAY.

If you passed a referral, please follow up to make a solid introduction.


Let’s all try to be especially sensitive and aware of opportunities that would benefit our fellow members.  We can ALL bring value to our team each week if we focus on it!  (Guests, an introduction to a client or friend, goods or services that we need ourselves, etc.)

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

Do you think YOU CAN bring in guests next week?

Have a fabulous week and happy hump day!


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