Hanover Shrimp n’ Suds Festival – May 14, 2015


I think I just went to something that was more rednecky than NASCAR.

I’m going to have to tread lightly here ’cause I love rednecks. I go to church and hang out with a lot of self-professed, proud rednecks.

And I’ve got nothing against Hanover. Have many dear friends who live there including the esteemed Rotarian and the best CPA, David C., my personal coach and wingdude, Ben M., my lovely loan officer, Emily, to name a few. I also sell in Hanover. I’m working towards closing house there in a few days. Hanover has wonderful schools and their fantastic tomato festival!

But when I arrived at Shrimp n’ Suds, I had the distinct feeling of déjà vu. It was like going from the Massachusetts border into NH. Live Free or Die. Tea Party. Guns. Well, there were no guns. Beer. Camo.

I’m not a terribly self conscious person, but WTF were my yellow brothers and sisters?!? I was the sole representative. Although! On my way out, I did see a handful of Kings Dominion totally unselfconscious staff who looked like they could be of Filipino descent. I got kinda excited and leapt a little. I really wanted to say, “Oh, hey there, hello, Asian family.” They didn’t even glance my way… they were too absorbed in talking with each other.

I’m closing my eyes, praying. Grateful for the Rotarians for their “Service Before Self.”

So much shrimp, so few napkins.

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