Knowledge is Power 

I had to move a chiropractic appointment in order to attend this most excellent breakfast informational session hosted by the classy Shaheen law firm.

Ali, their secret weapon, she’s dynamite and I’m love with her, invited me–how could I say no?

There are some big changes coming down the pipeline that will affect home buyers, home sellers, mortgage companies, and settlement agencies. Now more than ever, it will be so important to have a team of knowledgeable professionals to help you navigate what already is a complicated, multi layered process.

Knowledge, preparation, collaboration, and precise communication will all play a significant role in making for a timely closing.

Very grateful for the chance to learn more, to be well equipped to serve my clients.

Thank you, Shaheen Law, for the THOUGHT and WORK that you put into the teaching materials so that we could all be that much better.

With knowledge and preparation, there is no need for anxiety.

I’ll get my neck adjusted next week.


Spoiled with a hot breakfast. Full belly, full mind.

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