Five Second Thank You

It’s not often that we come across such an easy way to say THANK YOU or do our GOOD DEED for the day. Will you join me in taking 5-10 seconds of your time to help a family out?

Please take a moment right now to vote for my clients, the Aguirres. They are one of the Top Three contenders for a home renovation project and IMHO the most deserving. Stephanie works so hard keeping the home together – full time job, full time mom – while her husband works abroad serving our country. He’ll be gone for 6 months! Would be SO GREAT to surprise him with a new kitchen. Isn’t that worth a few seconds of your time?

Let’s help them win.
Do your good deed for the day.

Veteran’s Day, every day.

Please LIKE, SHARE, and/or COMMENT if you participate. I want to be sure to recognize and thank EACH of you individually. I’m putting you on Santa’s Nice List.


Together we can make a big splash in one family’s life.

The Aguirre Family in their new house (November 2014)
The Aguirre Family in their new house (November 2014)
The girls playing together... enjoying the space.
The girls playing together… enjoying the space.

Move in day!!

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