Paid By The Hour

It’s 10 days before the election so I’m not expecting Tony Pham to show up for the meeting he orchestrated for me, my 16 year old son, and his colleague, Detective Bob Matson. But he does.

The four of us talk for an hour.

Why? Because I asked Tony, my friend and networking bud, to help me execute a plan of action for my “troubled teen.” We had some “Pham Time.”

Tony has been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, talking to people and shaking hands all over Henrico. He’s out there working it. He’s real. He’s working hard to earn votes. And, frankly, I’m impressed.

pham knocking  1908366_10205276918135316_7626529304652755522_n

Do you know how busy this guy is? He has a family. Two kids. A job. A campaign. And did I mention that it’s 10 days before the primary?


So why did Tony powwow for an hour till 10pm on a Friday night when he could’ve been home – hey, I would’ve understood – he could’ve been relaxing, doing something for himself or his own family, after what surely was a long day and a long week?

Because Tony Pham is more than words; he’s action.

wp more than words

A lot of people pay lip service and words are meaningful, but it’s those special few who make things happen who really stand above the crowd. I’m a firm believer that THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, I CARE, and SORRY are truly played out in the actions that follow the words.

I’m touched. I’m grateful. Tony Pham has my respect and my support.

I’ll have to do better than giving him my vote and putting his sign on my front lawn: I’m going to ask for YOUR vote. I’m going to ask you to join me in supporting this man.

Read his story.

Did you know that when Tony was 16, he was working 30 hours a week at McDonald’s so that his family could pay their electricity bills?

Read his endorsements.

“All Americans should admire how Tony has lived out the American Dream. A refugee from war-torn Vietnam, he had the grit and determination to put himself through college and law school. Tony has a strong love for our Constitution and understands that the work of law enforcement is non-partisan.” –Sheriffs

“I’m not even a Republican (or anyone famous or of public importance, for that matter), but I endorse Tony Pham. Even put his sign in my yard. Try explaining that to your Boston friends.” – Yours Truly

Be a man or woman of action –







Tony: thank you for your time, compassion, action. My gratitude starts by spending an hour of my time back on you. You know, it was that or a Starbucks card. Not that they have to be mutually exclusive. 😉

Ok, the toothpicks holding my eyelids open are now breaking. I’ve eaten an drumstick ice cream cone and a brownie and those bananas are looking good. This is a sign that, even for a night owl, I am up too late. Probably going to get zits now. Yes, I’m in my 40s and that still happens. Ok. Rambling now. I need an editor. Goodnight, y’all.

wp giving time gift

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