And now… Richmond’s Top Five, People!

And, thankfully, I used that essential comma. For I am in no way, shape, or form able to determine who Richmond’s Top Five People are. (Random thoughts, random thoughts…)

I have to admit. I am not always on top of the Top Five even though I have bells, whistles, and whips to alert me that the article has been posted on But today, the first “hump day” of the month, I am. We are half way through the week so we cast our eye to the weekend. What will you be doing?

Flowers After Five, George Clinton, Future Laces, Shakespeare Festival, Festival of the Arts and Broad Appetit…big weekend!

Last year, I attended “Broad Appetit.” Let me tell you, that is where gluttony happens in $3 increments. It’s hard to say no, so don’t go if you’re on any sort of diet whatsoever. Loved it. That’s got my attention and I look forward to more masterpieces on small plates.


Magic on the streets and magic on the plates. Delish!!


And this also looks great! The Ashland Strawberry Faire! Again, Richmond, so many fun things to do, so little weekend. Love my #RVA.

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