Bernice, “Bringer of Victory.”

embraceBernice, Unadorned

Mighty exhibitionist. Compulsive writer. Sleep deprived night owl. Queen to 3 Princes. Actor. Story teller. Secret keeper. Up for dancing. Highly relational. Love RVA. Drinks one inch of coffee a day.

A note about my Blog: I write because I must. Even when I’m not writing, I’m composing. I tend to be very confessional, in style. I love Richmond, my dream city, so I brag all things RVA. I write about what’s going on. Networking. Work Stuff. Whatever moves me. Which is a lot. Love the topics of Love & Happiness.

And I write about what breaks my heart or makes it swoon. If it captures me, I capture it, so that you can have it too. 

Bernice, Creating Happy Beginnings

Realtor, SRES®, USAA Preferred Agent

best to come

I create happy beginnings. I do this by helping people buy & sell houses. Buyers, I help you get the house that you want by expertly negotiating on your behalf and positioning you to win. Sellers, I help you price your house right by providing an in depth market analysis. That way you can sell your house in the least amount of time for the most money. 

Upbeat. Warm. Here for you.

There are three main categories of people that I work with.

I love working with first time homebuyers and millennials. I help you navigate the complex ins and outs of the home buying process. Communication is extremely important to helping the process go smoothly – I am very proactive and responsive. 

My special designation as a USAA Preferred Agent allows me to serve our military in a special way. Through me, I can enroll those who serve and sacrifice for our country into a program that will gain them CASH BACK at closing. It’s one way I can “give back” to those who so generously give of themselves. It is always an honor to work with USAA and Navy Federal clients.

Boom Up Clients – As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I am uniquely equipped and knowledgeable to serve those who fall into the 50+ demographic. Baby Boomers, Silver Collars, Seniors, Cream of the Crop, New Adventurers, Encorepreneurs. 

While both my parents worked, my grandparents played a very large role in my upbringing. I lived with them, together with my parents, all of their lives. I was raised to have great respect for my elders, and of course, I have very dear memories of my grandparents, so there is a special place in my heart for my 50+ clients. Your experience and seniority earn the “White Glove Service,” characterized by patience, kindness, sensitivity, and professionalism. 

To better serve my Boom Up clients, I work with my colleague and partner, Ken Joyner, also SRES designated, who has been a broker in the industry for over 40 years. He brings a great deal of experience and authority to the table. Together we offer an incredible array and range of qualities and a diverse personality spectrum to best serve your needs. I can’t wait to meet you!

I’m Bernice Sim, with Napier Realtors,
and I build dreams and relationships, one home at a time. 


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